in case you weren’t aware… i’m hangin’ in India for the next 5 months. I told myself all summer that i would write and journal and whatnot, but i must confess that i am struggling. i can’t figure out how to put my experience into words. i’ve never been much of a writer and i am seriously failing at a travel blogger. 

Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots has become my Indian soundtrack, and I’m constantly thinking to myself how weird it is that i don’t feel weird about being here. Most days I feel completely normal about everything, even the garbage in the streets and men peeing on every wall in the city. My romanticized idea of some kind of spiritual, intense study abroad experience hasn’t hit me yet, and i’m kind of disappointed. I’ve done so many amazing things, and I’m so very happy to be here, but right now i just feel kind of MEH. Maybe this is just my way of adjusting and once I get settled in I will feel more moved by my experience. It has only been 16 days and i’ve got a hundred and some odd days left here to have the experience i’m yearning for. I may need to start doing some solo exploring and soul searching to get there, so cheers to that.